Dr Fanie Naude

Dr Fanie Naude is a specialist small animal surgeon and specialise in most areas of surgery including trauma, orthopaedics, soft tissue, neuro surgery [esp disc herniation], intra-abdominal surgery as well as thoracic surgery and some aspects of cardio-vascular surgery. He also offers canine hip replacements and advanced cruciate ligament repair techniques.

Our Staff


We are a Specialist Veterinary Practice with both Medical and Surgical specialists.

Dr Dave Miller

Dr Dave Miller is a specialist physician and together with Dr Adri Scholtz run the medical practice and offer services in all fields of internal medicine. These fields include dermatology, cardiology, oncology [cancer therapy], urology and nephrology, musculo-skeletal disease including arthritis and endocrine disorders. Endoscopy, diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography of the heart, chest, abdomen and glands and chemotherapy also form part of these services.