We are a Specialist Veterinary Practice with resident Medical and Surgical specialists.

We specialise in controlling as much pain as possible to allow normal movement in dogs with osteo-arthritis and to control all pain associated with operations no matter how large or small.

Blood Donors

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 dogs and 1 in 5 cats can donate blood!
  • Dogs and cats both have different blood types.
  • A 25kg dog can almost give the same amount of blood as a human per donation.

To find out more about enrolling your dog in our blood donor programme, please contact Sister Nicole on:

(083) 863 8301 or on nicole1.hickman@outlook.com

We Salute our Blood Donors

Cody Pentz

Misty Pentz

Falcor Fletcher

Calypso Fletcher

Fluffy Anderson

Echo de Azevedo

Roger Powers

Thor van der Westhuizen

Emi Cartwright

Bonnie Brown

Beasty Chiyangwa

Koda Kruger